Women’s Abuse Shelter – Buhoma, Uganda

Women's Abuse Shelter

Worldwide, 30% of women report being abused at some time in their lives. In Uganda, that number approaches 60%. There is no law against domestic violence. Many women come to accept and expect that they will be physically abused by their spouses. Those who don’t have no place to turn, as the authorities have no power to police this behavior.

Now, in one community in Uganda, women will finally have a safe place to seek refuge. We built an eight suite women’s abuse shelter complex in Buhoma. It is ran and managed by the same people we partnered with for the women’s sewing project and the micro-loan project.

Ride 4 a Woman” provides food, shelter, and counseling for women and their children while they are staying there. A portion of the suites are rented out to budget-minded tourists to ensure that like all of our other projects, that this shelter is self-supporting/self-sustaining.

Since being built, abuse rates in the area has dropped drastically, because the men don’t want the stigma of the community knowing that their spouses have run away for safety.