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The Dirt We Carry

“My life is a mess”, a common phrase that each and every one of us catch ourselves saying within some aspect of our lives. What if the phrase wasn’t that of a metaphor, and what if the dirt we carried was just the dust that made us who we are?...
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The Weekend of The Big Game

We here at Opening Doors Worldwide hope everyone had a blast watching the big game last night! Whether you’re a fan of New England or The Dirty Birds or just like it for the social event, one thing is for certain, it was an excited night of football that was...
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#SpreadLove with Global Goods.

It’s that time of year again where we usually rush into the local florist or grocer at the last second, only to drop a hundred bucks on a dozen roses, hoping deep down in hearts that guy or girl that we are sweet on will say yes to the one questions...
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Educational Inequality in South America

In many South American countries, it’s not always the presence of quality education that is lacking, but rather the accessibility of it for students from lower income families. In November 2014, Alejandro Chafuen wrote an article that appeared on Forbes.com, outlining this specific problem, when he wrote– “…The topic of quality education...
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